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Packages are
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Read our full documentation and development guide on our Github Wiki.
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Email Servers

The current incarnation of Mailpile does not solve 100% of migrating your email away from Gmail or Yahoo. Mailpile is just an email client (MUA) with built-in PGP encryption and other nice features. Mailpile is not an email server (MTA). Services like Gmail, Yahoo, and others provide both the email "client" and "server" in one package. However, you can use Mailpile with your Gmail to be more secure!

At some point in the future, we would love to offer better tools and integrations for Mailpile that make the email server component easier to integrate with. But, doing this the right way that doesn't compromise security or ethics takes time to create. Until that point in the future, if you're handy with the command line, you might want to consider setting up a mail server using one of the following open source projects. Each options has the goal of making self hosting an email server much easier.

Self Hosted Email Solutions


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