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Privacy and Information Policy

General policy

In the unlikely event that Mailpile ehf or the development team find themselves in posession of any personal or private information about our users, our policy is to never disclose it to any third parties unless we are legally compelled to do so.

Since we would rather not put ourselves in that position, we make every attempt to not obtain such information in the first place.

The Mailpile e-mail client

Personally Identifiable Information: The Mailpile e-mail client is a standalone free-software application which does not automatically share any personally identifiable information with the Mailpile development team or Mailpile ehf.

Telemetry: If enabled by the user, the Mailpile e-mail client will periodically attempt to download information about available updates from the website, at the same time disclosing the current version of the software, and which language the user has selected for the user interface. No attempt is made to correlate these details with the identities of individual users and only aggregate statistics derived from these requests will ever be disclosed to third parties. See the section below, "Logs and Tracking", for information about the format of the raw data and retention policies.

The website:

Thank-you: Our website discloses names of people who have backed the project and requested they be given credit and thanked publicly. People can request their details be removed from this list at any time, by e-mailing

Voting Access: Members of the Mailpile community, who have backed the project by a sufficient amount, are granted access to a members-only voting area. This access includes the name they provided when backing the project and the backer's e-mail address. This information will never be disclosed to any third parties. People can request their details be removed from this list at any time, by e-mailing

Logs and Tracking: This website does not use any third-party analytics or tracking tools. Standard web-server logs (including time-stamps, client IP addresses and which web pages were downloaded) are generated in order to facilitate troubleshooting and other routine administrative tasks. These logs are kept for up to three months, and then deleted. We encourage users to make use of our Tor Onion Service to avoid disclosing their IP addresses to these logs.

Third Party Websites

The Mailpile development effort makes use of third party services, including GitHub and Twitter. We refer to their respective privacy policies regarding how data is handled on their sites.


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