Rebooting Mailpile

Posted by Bjarni RĂșnar on November 30, 2022

Long time no blog!

There have been a few updates on the the Community Forum, but nothing here for quite a while!

This is a short post to update everyone on the current status of the project:

  1. The Mailpile v1 codebase is no longer being updated
  2. Mailpile v2 is making progress, in semi-stealth mode
  3. In parallel, a project to create a dedicated hardware device for Mailpile is underway

The main reason for these changes, is that Python 2 is no longer maintained or supported by the community, and I decided that rewriting the whole thing in Python 3 made more sense than attempting to port the old code.

The old code remains a useful resource, both for inspiration and sometimes for copying code directly over, but enough things are new that it's most accurate to call Mailpile v2 a new application. The code-name for the v2 project is moggie.

It's going well, but I haven't made any public releases yet.

Watch this space for further updates. Thanks for reading!


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