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Mac OS Developer

Posted by Oktavía Hrund on January 22, 2018
Deadline: February 14, 2018

Mailpile is looking for a software developer to join a team looking to grow towards more diversity. Your job would be to look out for the needs of Mailpile users on Mac OS, write Mac-specific Mailpile code (user-interface and system integration) and automate the packaging of Mailpile and its dependencies for easy installation of Mailpile 1.0 on Mac OS.

Mailpile is an e-mail client. It runs on your desktop or laptop computer and you interact with it by using your web browser. The goal of Mailpile is to allow people to use e-mail in a more independent, secure and private manner. Mailpile builds upon Tor and GnuPG and is mostly written in Python and HTML5. We are a small company, founded around an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in 2013. The business has never taken outside investment and work is entirely funded by contributions from backers around the world. The goal of the business is to make Mailpile a viable, sustainable project which is available to as many people as possible.

What we offer

  1. A competitive (European) salary
  2. Be a part of a small team passionate about usability, Free Software and privacy
  3. Be a part of the development team of a new, awesome tool that allows even non-technical users to host their own personal secure webmail!
  4. Be a part of a community!

Qualifications, background and experience

We imagine you have at least 3 years of experience with programming, and experience with a similar project, i.e. have you written and packaged software for Mac OS? We wanna hear about it! You are comfortable working remotely and appreciate team communication as important. The biggest challenge you will face is that this is a complex packaging task – it involves the Tor daemon, GnuPG and Python – if you are excited about a challenge of this kind we would love to hear from you!

Must haves

Any experience with Python as well as a good record of following project goals and benchmarks.

Nice to haves

Experience with Tor and if you have experience with packaging for the Apple Mac platform/s even better! We would also love if you have experience working with and in diverse teams.

Location: mostly the internet

We are looking for you if you are willing – even excited about working remotely. The current team is based in Europe, so the only condition we make is that you could make time for team meetings up to 1-2 times a week within flexible CET working hours. There will be opportunities to travel for team meetings at special events.

Remuneration and duration of contract

We are looking for a person who is interested in doing a short-term consultancy contract within the tight scope of the project tasks as listed above. There may be a possibility of an extension of scope and consultancy depending on project developments and the outcomes of this contract.

We are expecting the duration of the contract to be approximately 3-4 months at roughly full-time. The project is open to spreading the approximate contract duration to allow flexibility in working schedule (to accommodate family life for example).

How to apply:

Please send us a cover letter so we get a better idea of who you are and why you would be a great addition to the team as well as your CV. Please include the following information:

  • your software development experience, including if you have any:
    • experience with packaging software for the Mac OS platform
    • experience in open source software and privacy
  • your experience in working with and in remote teams
  • where you live/will be working from
  • other information you find important for us to have to be able to assess your application

Please send your application to us before 2 February 2018 to

Do you have any questions for us? We would love to hear from you – DM us on Twitter @MailpileTeam or talk to Oktavía over WhatsApp on +4520455995.

Note: We reply to all applications. If you do not recieve confirmation that we got your e-mail within 2 business days, please reach out to make sure your application arrived safely.


Please do not send mail to