Our first week (IGG update #1)

Posted by Bjarni on August 11, 2013 ( Content may be obsolete! )

(The following was posted to IndieGoGo as a campaign update.)

Dear Mailpile Supporters,

The Mailpile fund-raising campaign is now one week old and we are are completely blown away by your reactions and support. It is wonderful to know that so many people share our vision and are willing to support our efforts. Thank you so much.

We are already more than half-way to our goal, which means that if each of you finds just one person to match your donation - then we're home free. So keep spreading the word, together we can make this happen!

In other news, we have made a fair number of improvements to http://www.mailpile.is, including adding a blog where we plan to explain in more depth some aspects of the Mailpile project. Our first such post is in video form, a discussion about e-mail encryption, verification and security. Check it out!



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