Thank you! (IGG Update #6)

Posted by Bjarni on September 12, 2013 ( Content may be obsolete! )

(The following was posted to IndieGoGo as a campaign update.)

Dear Mailpile Supporters!

The campaign is over! It is time to get to work making Mailpile a reality. We actually rolled up our sleeves and had a very long meeting last Friday to discuss in more detail exactly how this is going to pan out. And of course we blogged about it.

Thanks to your generous donations, we raised a grand total of $163,192 here on IndieGoGo. This is nothing short of amazing, and we are grateful to you all.

In the final hours of the campaign, we were delighted to have one last Icelandophile join the group: Cloudfleet sent a cool $4,096 dollars our way. Cloudfleet is an effort to create a box that makes it easy to host essential internet services at home - and obviously we are going to get to work to make sure Mailpile can be one of those services.

To read about the other generous supporters of our work, check out these previous updates on our blog:

Thanks again!

-- Bjarni, Brennan and Smári


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