Perks? What perks? (IGG Update #7)

Posted by Bjarni on November 1, 2013 ( Content may be obsolete! )

(The following was posted to IndieGoGo as a campaign update.)

Dear Mailpile Supporters!

Time has really flown this autumn - it is November already! As I'm sure some of you noticed, we had hoped to deliver perks by the end of October... well obviously that didn't happen. Oops!

We haven't forgotten though, we are just late.

In part this is due to our inexperience managing the logistics of making and shipping physical objects, in part it is due to the fact that we got really excited about Mailpile and spent too much time writing code and too little time on other things.

Writing code is fun, and Mailpile is going to be awesome.

But perks. We need to ship them. We will be sending questionnaires out on Monday, to anyone who donated over $23 USD to the campaign to double-check that the information we got from IndieGoGo accurately reflects what you want. So watch your e-mail and check your spam folders.

Also... in case you'd heard of something called DarkMail and were wondering how it relates to Mailpile, check out this blog post by Smári.

Thanks for your support!

-- Bjarni, Brennan and Smári


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