Mailpile Alpha II - The Dogfood Edition

Posted by The Team on July 3, 2014 ( Content may be obsolete! )

Hello Mailpile supporters!

We know many of you are hungry for Mailpile. So are we, although we're proud to report that the entire core team have been "eating our own dogfood" and using Mailpile to read and write e-mail for well over a month now. We use it every day and we like it - we feel we are getting really close to having a working product for you guys.

But you're hungry now, and it's high time for another appetizer. So without further ado, we present Mailpile Alpha II - The Dogfood Edition! Yummy! This savoury mass of source code has been tagged in Github (release 0.2.0) and we have updated our live demos. It's a little hard to summarize what all has changed (it would be easier to summarize what hasn't), but we made a list of some of the more important changes and improvements, which you can find in our release notes. Have a taste and let us know what you think ;)

Try Mailpile Alpha II Demo

Download Source Code


If you're located in the UK or the San Francisco area and want to discuss things in person, we'd love to meetup and chat at the following events:

Aside from the summit and workshop, we can be found on Twitter or IRC (#mailpile on Freenode), and will be spending the next month hard at work in the Mailpile code kitchen in Iceland preparing the main course - the Mailpile Beta, which we will launch in just over a month. Our target date is August 7th, so wish us luck!

Bon appetit,

  ~Your Mailpile Team


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