Our Upcoming Beta Release

Posted by The Team on August 8, 2014 ( Content may be obsolete! )

We planed to release our Beta today, but because we wanted the Beta to be a little less like an Alpha, we postponed it for a bit. Don't worry, it won't be long! We're hard at work. Bugs are being fixed, functionality is being added, people are losing sleep. Our Beta release is forthcoming. In fact, you'll be shocked when you figure out how few days it is until it gets released. Hint: it's less than 10 days and more than 5 days away, give or take a couple depending on your timezone ;)

We recently attended the EFF Crypto Usability Price Workshop in Menlo Park, California in July 2014. We presented many aspects of our encryption & security interface which was received enthusiastically. We met and befriended the people behind some fascinating projects like OkTurtles, Kinko.me, PetMail, GPG Tools, Open Keychain, and Confusion. We formed a working group with a couple other PGP related projects to harmonize UI aspects across multiple PGP related projects- a blog post about all of this is forthcoming shortly after our beta!

Oh, as per our planned beta, we mailed stickers to the nice EFF people to pass out at the DEFCON CryptoVillage table, so if you're at DEFCON swing on by and say hi :)


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