Back to Work!

Posted by Bjarni on April 13, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

After a month's break, it's time to resume work on Mailpile again. Some time away is always useful to give perspective and get some much needed rest, and now that I have returned I plan to make a few log overdue changes to how I work on Mailpile.

I'll discuss the rest later, but the first change is to improve communication by publishing a weekly blog post describing what has been done recently and what is ahead. In order to distract as little as possible from actual development, these posts will be kept relatively short most of the time. This is the first such post!

Think of it as a virtual "stand up", just to set the tone for the next few days of work:

Last week

Nothing to report, I was on holidays!

Next week

This week is dedicated to getting back to work. An event I am attending next weekend will helpfully provide focus...

Next weekend I will be attending a small summit in Germany, meeting various other developers from open source projects that also work with OpenPGP and GnuPG.

The summit is a private, very tech-focused event attended by developers from most of the open source projects using GnuPG today; a real who's who of GnuPG and e-mail security. To make the most of this opportunity, this week I will refresh my own memory on the current state of GnuPG and Mailpile and try to identify points where I could use advice or help, as well as points where I may be able to contribute and help the other projects.

Topics I will explore this week and consider for presentation at the summit are:

  1. Mailpile itself
  2. Mailpile's proposed trust model
  3. A method for generating beautiful avatars from PGP key fingerprints
  4. Enhanced e-mail signatures (manifests)

That's the plan! Next week's update will tell you how it went.


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