Last week: code pushed, Cloudfleet, key discovery

Posted by Bjarni on May 4, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

Done last week

  1. Published back-log of changes to Github, including: VFS code, low level VCard fixes, improvements to how the GnuPG keyring and Mailpile contacts are kept in sync, and various bug-fixes.
  2. Merged a pull-request from the Cloudfleet folks, which allows the Mailpile web interface to run under an arbitrary path (e.g. http://localhost:33411/mailpile/in/inbox/).This will make it easier to integrate Mailpile into existing web servers and domains.
  3. Finished the back-end PGP key discovery code; the front-end still needs updating.

Plans for this week

  1. Update the Mailpile website
  2. Update the content of the still-hidden community site and invite the first batch of backers to take a look. The launch will happen in stages, so don't get worried if you aren't in the first batch!
  3. Update the PGP key discovery front-end code


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