Beta III preparations

Posted by Bjarni on July 7, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

Last week's big news was of course the licensing decision - the vote completed and the project's license is now officially the GNU Affero General Public License.

The vote was very close, but the slight majority from the community reflects both the wishes of the original project founders and matches the political goals of the project itself.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!

On the technical front, it was a slow week. I spent some time reflecting on the original road-map and decided to make one major change to the Beta III plans: the "Fast Startup" milestone will be postponed until later this summer.

The reason for this change is that although the code appears to work, it got done too late to get reviewed by any 3rd parties. For many other aspects of Mailpile that would be OK, but our encrypted on-disk storage is a bit different. It's both difficult and error prone to change storage formats after the fact, so it is of particular importance to get this done right the first time around.

Delaying Beta III is also not an option, because I need feedback on the usability of all the new setup interfaces and composer improvements so the worst problems can be fixed before 1.0.

This decision scuppered most of the technical plans for the week, so instead I have been tying off loose ends and fixing bugs. The biggest milestone was probably making it possible to browse remote IMAP servers using the Browse tool, which paves the way for interactive configuration of import/index policies when users don't want to rely on Mailpile's auto-detection (or need to correct the auto-detector's mistakes).

Plans for this week

  1. Add missing configuration dialogues
  2. Fix easy buglets, hide features too hard to fix
  3. Tag and start packaging Beta III


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