Github Issue Cleanup Frenzy

Posted by Bjarni on August 10, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

The last week was mostly dedicated to administration work.

The most important task was communicating with our new accountants. The firm that did our taxes last year actually went out of business a couple of months ago... never a good sign! So one of my top-priority tasks while I was in Iceland was to finda a new accountant. I succeeded, went with a medium-sized company that actually has a web-site but has been in business since 1995 and they seem quite solid; last week I spent some time communicating with them so they could get to work filing the project's annual return.

Then there was another money related task: Mailpile has a grant application in the pipes with the OTF for quite some time now. Due to personal work overload, I have been putting off responding to questions they had for far too long. Last week I finally restarted the conversation and started revising the application.

The third administration task was the most time consuming: I set out to clean up and curate our giant pile of Github issues. I am ashamed to say that many bug reports and support requests never got answered, because there were simply too many for us to keep up. So I spent a fair bit of time last week reading issue after issue after issue, typing responses and sorting, or simply writing code when the fix was obvious and straightforward.

This also will be an on-going task; I don't actually expect to ever close all the issues, as many are discussions or ideas for plug-ins or spin-off projects. But before our 1.0 I'd like to have responded to every single bug-report, filed it appropriately and removed any that are duplicates or obsolete. You can see my frenzy in action on the project pulse dashboard.

Finally, I recently discovered that our Transifex account has not updated the translation source strings for months. This is not yet fixed, but will be soon...

That's a lot of admin work!

On the code front, I fixed a bunch of minor bugs, merged them into the beta branch and updated our downloadable packages.

I also made a lot of progress on speeding up the apps web user interface. Hopefully I'll be able to include the fruits of that work in another update to the beta branch next week. Fingers crossed!

Tasks for this week

  1. Finish updating the OTF grant proposal
  2. Keep cleaning up the Github issue tracker
  3. Get the Transifex source strings updated!
  4. Autoajax: speed up the web UI


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