Quiet days; new people

Posted by Bjarni on September 7, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

Not much news, as I've mostly been resting. It worked; I feel better!

In other news, the OTF grant application got finished and submitted, in part thanks to some well timed and much appreciated help from Karen Reilly and Daniel Yeow. Now we just wait and see whether our mission and the OTF's mission are compatible enough for them to fund some of our work...

Daniel is going to stick around a bit; he has volunteered to join the team and help out wherever he can. With a background in mathematics and coaching elite athletes, he's one of those rare people who both understands cryptography and has the ability to relate to the needs of non-technical people. He will be starting off as community manager, helping make sure the contributions and questions of people on Transifex and Github aren't ignored.

So, welcome Daniel and thank you Karen!

This Week's Tasks

  1. Get back to coding


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