SHA2017, Here We Come!

Posted by Bjarni on August 2, 2017 ( Content may be obsolete! )


Sorry about the long silence. I've been so busy writing code and living my life, that the blog (and the Twitter account) have both been a bit neglected this year.

However, this weekend, I will crawl out of my cave and attend the SHA 2017 Hacker Camp! Smári will also be there, and I just know a whole bunch of our backers and wider community will be as well. In addition to sleeping in a tent and meeting awesome people (you, I hope) at SHA, I will be giving a talk to celebrate the Mailpile project's 4 year birthday.

Yep, Mailpile is turning 4 years old. Happy Birthday Mailpile!

For those of you who won't be able to attend the talk, a small spoiler: a huge amount of progress has been made towards a 1.0 release. It's happening, folks.

I'll post more after my talk.


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