Building up Steam

Posted by Oktavía on March 29, 2018 ( Content may be obsolete! )

Wow, we've been so busy making progress we forgot to let you all know how we are progressing!

So far, Mailpile in 2018 has been all about building up steam for the Mailpile train! We hired me (or rather – Bjarni hired me!) and I have been working on project management and thinking towards the future, including human resource work (I spent a lot of time looking to lessons learned on diverse and inclusive hiring practices). This has resulted in the hiring of two more persons –

Alexander and Pétur who, along side Bjarni and myself, will be taking Mailpile to as many users as possible!

Who are these new additions to the Mailpile Team? Well, Alex Haase is a self-proclaimed generalist, who has a background spanning kernel modules to javascript, bare metal to Windows. He lurrvvs tinkering on Open Source side projects and refereeing Roller Derby when he‘s not Mailpiling. Pétur is all about high level software engineering. Specifically modelling and automatic programming. He loves collaborative design by prototyping, designing and exploring new ideas using scissors, papers, glue and different shades of colour. His favorite movie quote?

"It's a UNIX system." — Jurassic Park :)

What will they be doing with us? We're glad you asked! Their main tasks relate to packaging Mailpile for the Mac and Windows platforms, and in doing so making Mailpile more accessible to more people! Hooray!

Contracts were signed in mid-March and we are on track to deliver packages and an improved native user experience within 3-4 months. So soon, soon, at long last, our downloads page won't tell people our packages are being reworked. IT will tell people to go forth and install what Alex and Pétur have built!

We are now well settled in our virtual working space, as our physical selves are spread over Europe and the US. We would love a visit, so please come by the Mailpile IRC - #mailpile (Freenode, or Riot), but bring your own coffee!


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