Site updates and community roadmap launched

Posted by Bjarni on May 11, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

This is the weekly report! I'm changing the format ever so slightly to ensure the headlines displayed on the front-page and in compact RSS readers are more informative.

Done last week

  1. Updated the public website. The FAQ and front-page content was reviewed, updated and cleaned up. Individual blog posts now have "next" and "previous" links. Minor tweaks were made to the site design to help with navigation of large pages: an up arrow in the lower right corner and a table-of-contents overview of the FAQ.

  2. Unveiled the Community Roadmap; votable content includes the licensing question and the post-1.0 roadmap.

  3. Published a detailed blog-post explaining the AGPLv3 vs. Apache licensing question we need to resolve, publicized on Twitter and Hacker News. Took part in discussions on both venues.

Plans for this week

  1. Compile an up-to-date list of backers and their e-mail addresses, for sending out invitations to the community voting page.

  2. Send out the first 750 invitations.

  3. Back to coding: Key discovery front-end and VFS work are next!


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