An AMA with the Localization Lab

Posted by Bjarni on May 25, 2015 ( Content may be obsolete! )

Last week's big event was a very entertaining "Ask Me Anything" session with the folks from the Open Technology Fund's Localization Lab.

It was a friendly and productive session which hopefully helped strengthen the ties between the coding side of the Mailpile project and the very important community of volunteers that translate our software to languages other than English. There were two main take-aways from the meeting, aside from getting to know each other a bit better:

  1. Mailpile's core includes a plug-in designed to help translators, which can be enabled with mailpile> plugins/load i18nhelper. It would be useful to develop this further and get feedback from the translators themselves on how it could be improved.

  2. The efforts of our translators are valuable and deserve to be publicly recognized, just like the efforts of our other backers. The Localization Lab folks were going to see what they could do to compile a list of contributors, and I was going to make sure that list found its way onto our thank you page and into an appropriate page within the app itself.

The rest of the week was business-as-usual. We sent out over 1000 invitations to the Mailpile community site, continued discussions with potential financial backers and related projects and created a couple of detailed task descriptions on the Hoi Poi bug-tracker, in case friendly coders want to help improve the community site faster than I'll be able to do on my own.

On the tech front, I implemented a "Save this search" feature, which exposes some of the back-end's automated mail filter functionality in a (hopefully!) user-friendly way. I also made progress on the actual roadmap tasks- the VFS and the ability to browse the contents of a mailbox (local or remote) without having to add it to the search index first. These are still works in progress and have not been pushed up to github yet.

Plans for this week

  1. Send out the rest of the invitations to community site
  2. Revisit the settings of our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Should we even have a Facebook account?
  3. Keep on hacking...


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